Stand Up Together To Defend Our Communities!

15 Jul

Rally @ Full Council Meeting
Monday 15th July, 6.30pm
Civic Centre, High Rd, N22
All welcome

After the rally outside the Civic Centre the following residents’ deputations will make presentations to the meeting inside:
–  Stop cuts to benefits [Haringey Alliance for Benefit Justice]
–  Affordable and secure housing for all [Haringey Defend Council Housing]
–  Community-led improvements not unwanted development for our neighbourhoods [Our Tottenham network]

Together we demand the resources our communities need – Its OUR Haringey!

Rally called by:
Haringey Alliance for Benefit Justice  [See statement below]
Haringey Defend Council Housing    [See statement below]
and the Our Tottenham network   [See statement below]

Supporters include:
Haringey Housing Action Group, Haringey Alliance for Public Services, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Solidarity Group Continue reading

‘Our Tottenham’ deputation at council Mon 15th July, 6.30pm

15 Jul

To all Haringey Councillors [as sent on Friday 12th June]

Please note that there will be a deputation from the Our Tottenham network to the full Council meeting this Monday. We will be introducing the Our Tottenham Community Charter as discussed and adopted at a conference in April of over 100 local residents from around 30 local community organisations.

We will be calling on Councillors, individually and collectively, to support and sign up to the Charter. We enclose the full text of the Charter below.

For some recent news from the Our Tottenham network please see the report (below, at end) of our recent meeting with executives from Tottenham Hotspur FC.

I will be making the presentation, backed by 3 colleagues from the network who will be available to respond to any questions you may have.

Philip Udeh
– for the Our Tottenham network

Tottenham Stadium Regeneration Controversy Grows

15 Jul


– At a joint meeting on 4th July with the Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director, Our Tottenham network community reps condemned the ‘negative’ affects of the new Stadium-led development in the surrounding area , and called for the wealthy Club to put £100m into positive improvements for local communities ‘like Arsenal had done for its new stadium’
– Our Tottenham reps to report back to this Saturday’s ‘Our Tottenham’ Street Assembly outside Wards Corner
– Our Tottenham reps to address full Council meeting on 15th July

On Thursday 4th July at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, representatives of the Football Club and the Our Tottenham network* met to discuss the regeneration of Tottenham, and in particular some of the controversial effects of the ‘Spurs-led regeneration’ of North Tottenham. Donna-Maria Cullen (The Club’s Executive Director), and Adam Davison (The Club’s Head of Community Relations) met with Tottenham residents’ delegation from the Our Tottenham network – Frank Murray (Tottenham Concerned Residents Committee), Lia-Clera Gomes (White Hart Lane shopkeepers group), Jacob Secker (Haringey Defend Council Housing), Mark MacKnight (Friends of Lord Morrison Hall), and Dave Morris (Haringey Federation of Residents Associations).

Tottenham Hotspur (THFC) had requested the meeting with the community campaigners ‘to discuss the campaign and whether there might be any areas of common ground. We certainly would welcome the opportunity to meet as we recognise the extremely important roles both organisations have to play in the renewal of Tottenham.’ [Adam Davison email to OT, 4.6.2013].

The campaigners put forward 7 written demands. These included:

– that Spurs contribute £100m as s106 planning gain ‘matching Arsenal’s funding into the local community during its own stadium development (in 2006)’. It was noted that THFC’s official contribution had originally been set at £16.436m, but THFC had managed to get this low figure reduced to a paltry £0.477m**. It was also pointed out that Tottenham last year had the 13th highest revenues of any football club in the world***.The £100m should be paid and earmarked to go towards improvements to local community facilities, homes and small businesses, and without any rent rises.
– that there be no demolitions or people made homeless. For example in the North Tottenham High Road West / Love Lane area an unnecessary ‘Stadium Approach’ road is planned to be constructed through a Council housing estate, with many nearby shops and some community facilities also facing demolition****. It was noted that the current so-called consultation about these Council proposals scandalously omits any option to reject the threat of demolitions, ensuring that many will be made homeless if the controversial plans are not halted.
– that no public money be used to subsidise any stadium-related development [The Council and GLA have earmarked £41m towards regeneration-related development around Tottenham, £8.5m of it related to the ‘Stadium Approach road’ area  *********];
– that any new homes built on the Spurs development site itself should be at least 50% social housing. It was noted that 50% affordable housing was set as a planning obligation, but then scrapped after THFC lobbying.
– The Club were also invited to ‘side with the people of Tottenham’ and sign up to the Our Tottenham Community Charter []

In response Donna-Maria Cullen said she supported many of the Community Charter points, but resisted the calls for the Club to contribute in the ways proposed by the campaigners. She agreed to respond to all the 7 demands in writing following the meeting. Meanwhile, she denied the Club was wealthy and challenged some of the figures quoted for Arsenal [but was handed a copy of the source material]; said that the Council was responsible for the controversial Love Lane area demolition proposals and many other developments in the area and that campaigners ‘should lobby the Council’ ******. Continue reading

Our Tottenham Street Assembly Sat 6th July – 12noon

28 Jun


Called by local residents’ groups
Saturday 6th July
12 noon  –  Seven Sisters tube
Outside Wards Corner Market, Tottenham High Road, N15

The Council, backed by property developers and big business, are promoting their ‘Plan for Tottenham’. They want to force us to accept large-scale profit-driven development, increased rents, more unaffordable housing – and the loss of some independent local shops and community facilities. This will seriously affect our lives and our communities, and rising rents will force many local people out of the area. Continue reading

Tottenham Tenants face demolition under ‘Spurs-led regeneration’

13 Jun

The residents of 297 council homes at Love Lane in Tottenham are facing the possible demolition of their homes as part of a ‘Spurs-led’ redevelopment that will receive £40 million in public subsidy, even though Tottenham Hotspur is the 13th richest football club in the world. £5 million of the public funding would come from the sale of the land on which the Love Lane estate stands. Continue reading

Tottenham Traders Oppose Threat of Evictions

13 Jun

This is a brief summary of the utter chaos and pain that these plans are causing many people in North Tottenham – oppose Haringey council’s development plans on White Hart Lane and High Road West!

Continue reading

Say NO to the threats to Tottenham High Road West homes and local shops

13 Jun

Tell the Council their current ‘consultation’ is a fraud. There should be improvements not evictions and demolitions throughout the area.

The Council are currently consulting (until June 21st) over their controversial and shocking latest proposals – to demolish homes and small shops in North Tottenham. It is doubly scandalous that the Council promised to ‘consult’ over 3 options, including an option for no demolitions, and have now dropped that option! What a fraud..

Continue reading

OUR TOTTENHAM Community Charter launched!

13 Jun

On Saturday May 11th 25 activists from a dozen local community groups launched the newly-adopted OUR TOTTENHAM Community Charter outside Tottenham Town Hall.

Giant placards spelt out O-U-R  T-O-T-T-E-N-H-A-M  !  Those present each in turn read out the new charter sentence by sentence through a megaphone. The public reading of the charter was then repeated outside the busy Seven Sisters tube station entrance – and very well received by passers-by.

The Our Tottenham network called on the people of Tottenham, and the groups serving our local communities, to stand up together for the people of Tottenham and the interests of our local communities. The Charter had been discussed and adopted by the Our Tottenham conference on April 6th attended by 110 people from over 30 Tottenham community organisations.

The event ended with the participants inviting the public to join them in an informal picnic on the Tottenham Green open space.

OUR voices, OUR communities, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR TOTTENHAM!
Planning and regeneration by and for the community


Our Tottenham – A Community Charter

2 May

Planning & Regeneration by and for the Community
As agreed and launched by the Our Tottenham conference on Saturday April 6th 2013

OUR voices, OUR communities, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR TOTTENHAM!

Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history, made up of vibrant, diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!

The Council are promoting their ‘Plan for Tottenham’, backed by property developers, big business, and the Mayor of London. The Council is gifting public money and assets to the profit-driven developers, and have so far largely refused to listen to the views of residents. The plans include a range of measures, some of which will seriously impact on our lives and our communities. The plans promote corporate-led and large scale urban development; increased rents and unaffordable housing; and the loss of some independent local shops, homes, community facilities and small businesses.

Coupled with the Government’s planning policies and attacks on vital public services and people’s welfare,
the major effect of all this will be to over-develop Tottenham, to threaten its positive community-scale character in many areas, to promote profiteering at the community’s expense, and the forced displacement of thousands of local people who can no longer find or keep any affordable place to live.

This is unacceptable. It doesn’t have to be like this. Together we are very powerful.

We pay tribute
to all those thousands of Tottenham residents and community groups who have campaigned and worked so hard to improve their local areas and facilities.

We pledge to fight for OUR common interests
, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR community facilities and for the needs of OUR communities throughout Tottenham.

We call on the people of Tottenham
to oppose all inappropriate planning and developments and campaign to defend facilities and proposals which are led by local residents, for our benefit, and which improve neighbourhoods for our communities – not just for the benefit of big business.

We will show support for and help initiate
new resident and community-led development plans that support the interests of local people. We support the Our Tottenham community planning and regeneration action network set up to spread co-operation and solidarity throughout Tottenham’s neighbourhoods.

Together with local people we will take action to….

Defend community facilities   *   Stand up for decent and affordable housing for all
Support small businesses   *   Promote quality design and respect for heritage
Improve the street environment   *   Support youth voices, services and facilities
Empower our communities   *   Develop local community plans Continue reading

Video of Workshop Discussion Feedback now Online

11 Apr

The unedited video of feedback from each of the afternoon workshop discussions is now online for all to see. Just follow the link below to the Conference Report & Videos page.